Four Hidden Treasures in Prague, Czech Republic


We hopped on a train to Prague exhausted from the previous day’s trip to Vienna to Prague, from the Bratislava train station. Exhausted and drained but itching to see this city’s charm. We arrived at the Prague railway station at noon only to be crowded by a load of tourists! Viki and I are both used to travelling, and have been to Prague before, so we are used to crowds of people, but also know to expect it-leading us to search for something deeper. I thought today I would share with you a few hidden treasures that we came across that neither of us had heard of before.

1. Dinner at Lehka Hlava

I was lucky enough to be joined on this trip by my lovely cousin Viki. In Slovakia, where she lives, the vegan community has not expanded just yet as much as it (thankfully) has here in Vancouver. Knowing the negative experiences I have had with other non-vegans, I had planned not to “rub it in” with her on this trip. But I was absolutely mindblown at how open-minded this girl was! She was totally open to trying healthy, vegan dishes with me.

For our last meal together on this trip, we, yet again, wanted to discover a new restaurant. We searched some on Happy Cow and the one closest to us called Lehka Hlava (Clear Head) turned out to be incredibly hard to find. If we had this much trouble finding it after googling it AND using a map, imagine how difficult it must be for someone to come across it? Now, I wouldn’t be raving so hard about this place if we didn’t have such an amazing experience with it. We were absolutely stoked to arrive there, only to find out there was a 45 minute wait for a table because this tiny, hidden restaurant was absolutely slammed busy with people!

In this hipster, bohemian vibe, we were seated and immediately ordered our largest obsession – Hummus. It came with pita bread, and I ordered my pita bread with vegan pesto, so we’d both share. BLOWN AWAY. Wow. We discussed ordering more but once the rest of our food arrived, we dove in too fast to remember to. Each of these dishes were 100kč (roughly $6 CAD). For the main course, Viki had a Thai curry with jasmine rice, and could not stop going on about how ridiculously delicious this dish was! The portion size was absolutely massive for something that was only 245 kč (roughly $15)! I chose a stir fry style dish with vegetables and tofu, called Cantonese tofu with garlic; also served with rice for 225 kč; $13.5. YUM. My lovely (non-vegan) Viki was MINDBLOWN by how delicious a vegan meal was.

Every server working there is either an amazing actor, or they are all free-spirited, bubbly children of God who absolutely adore their jobs. I guarantee you will be just as mindblown as us!


2. Old Town Bridge Tower


Amid thousands of tourists in this insanely busy city, we finally got our feet on the beautiful Charles Bridge. Evidently, we were both in awe by the view, however the amount of tourists that were around that day made us feel slightly claustrophobic. We made it to the end of the bridge, and noticed an open door to the right, with a lady sitting behind a desk on the inside. Turns out this was the Old Town Bridge Tower, and not many people knew about it! Well we thought “great, what a perfect little break from the copious amounts of people!” The walk up the stairs was truly no joke but I truly can’t fathom how I only payed 100czk ($5.97) for a view like this.


vegan healthy vancouver fitness.jpgfitness veganism vancouver healthy.jpg

Mindblown. We were truly mindblown. We climbed the many stairs to get to the top, and we could truly see everything. And there was not a single person up there with us.
My personal favourite activity on a trip is picture taking, and vlogging. It is quite hard to do with many people around, but this place was quiet. We got to hang out there for as long s we wanted. We could see everything from the top, including the insane amount of people moving around below us. IMG_2740.JPG

healthy nutrition fitness vegan vancouver.jpg

3. Fresh Life Juice Bar

When we look up food recommendations for Prague, Czech Republic on almost any travel website, 9 times out of 10, it will be something along the lines of dumplings, sviečkova, trdelnik, etc. Before I went vegan, I had tried many of these foods. Believe me-they do taste delicious. But it wasn’t until I went back to Prague as a vegan that I truly started living.

Generally, my favourite smoothie/juice bar is in the Old Town, very central to the city, called Fresh Life Juice Bar. Their apple-carrot-mint smoothie is to die for. However, after a few days of travelling, I was craving nothing more than the juiciest green packed smoothie that exists, and Fresh Life Juice Bar does not add greens into their juices. Viki and I checked into our hotel, and got out on our way to discovering this city. Just as we exited the hotel, after maybe 20 seconds of walking, I saw the word “Juice Bar” and “Vegan” written on a sign outside a little empty café. I got quite excited and went inside, only to find such a massive load of spinach in a bag. I told the juice bartender to put as much spinach as he could into this smoothie. I was at my true happiest.

The first time I visited Prague, I came across this little juice bar on the side of the street in the Old Town. It is called Fresh Life Juice Bar. I had one single juice and got so hooked that I pretty much drank it right away, and immediately had to buy a new one. This juice bar is so delicious that there is a chance there will be a line of people waiting to get one. However, if it is a less busy hour, it may be easy to miss. Make it a priority to try one, unless you’re not prepared to go back for seconds!

4. Club Café Mišenska



I saw this tiny gallery on the right side of this road on our way to the Castle. Of course, I saw the word “vegan” written so I absolutely had to check it out. I walked right in and through the gallery, through which there is a path to enter this tiny cafe that sells desserts. I saw this and I was in love. I immediately broke my english out, because as I have trouble understanding Czech, I didn’t want to battle with misunderstanding with my cousin waiting outside. I know, how much of a traveller I am. Incapable of even speaking the local language!
Anyway, the two guys working there asked me where I was from. As usual, I went through the usual “Well, technically from Canada but I’m travelling from Slovakia at the moment and I was also born there”, and they started spewing Slovak at me all excited that they found their people. What a tiny, simple thing to get so excited about but it was extremely memorable.
From this cafe, I got this little coconut chocolate heart and holy moly I how I wished I had gotten more! Café Club Misenska is hidden, so it is easy to miss, but it is one of the few vegan cafés on the way to the Castle.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Prague is one of those cities that I would recommend to ANYONE wanting to travel. There are so many inexpensive activities to do and souvenirs to buy. Shall I even mention the cheep beer?

I have been to Prague three times now, and I continue to find myself wanting to go back. If you check out my Prague Travel Diary, you will hear us say “we’re not tourists, we’re locals!” because in all honesty, after three times it is beginning to feel that way.


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