“I Hit a Workout Plateau!”

In the past few months I sort of it a “plateau” in my workouts. Or so I thought. 

I started weight training two years ago and loved every minute of it however, as time went on I began to progressively not “feel the burn” in my workouts, assuming I’ve hit a plateau. If anyone has felt this, you know how discouraging it feels when you’ve put so much into a workout and it doesn’t seem to be showing. In addition to this, I did begin to develop neck pain that got somewhat severe over the past year.

In May 2018, my boyfriend and I went to visit his cousin who happens to be a Chiropractor, and naturally I asked what could be causing my neck pain and plateaus. He was kind enough to take x-rays of my back and do a light adjustment and needless to say, my mind was blown. Unsurprisingly, my neck pain had nearly disappeared by the next day. Dr Ali lives quite far from me, so in the next few months I had located a chiropractor who was near me and I started to get regular adjustments. To my surprise, my workouts got sweatier and sweatier. My strength started to increase like never before.  It turns out that when your body is not physically (and of course, mentally and emotionally) aligned properly it directly affects your strength and your ability to perform in the gym. 

I have never in my life predicted that what seems like a few “simple back cracks” would increase my strength to this extent. A common misconception is that the only benefit to Chiropractic is the immediate pain relief in the back and other bones due to tense muscles. Although yes, chiropractors adjust your bones and joints and place them in the right position. However by doing this, a few things happen.

 the nerves in that particular area become activated. 

Here is a simple breakdown: 

  • Regular adjustments activate the nerves in the area being adjusted (and in other areas of the body). 
  • Activated nerves stimulate muscle contractions 
  • Muscle contractions are responsible for the increase in strength and growth in muscle tissue. 
  • The result: Getting STRONGER and MORE TONED. 

In addition to this, regular nerve activation stimulates your body to adapt to a the proper posture by itself, allowing us to not only look more toned and feel strong, but also display that incredibly fit body in the best possible posture!

There are many other benefits to getting regular body adjustments, as a matter of fact, strength is only a small part of them. I chose to inform you about this aspect of it today because I realize many people have trouble activating their muscles, and/or seeing results.

I encourage everyone to try it out, but I’d recommend speaking to your doctor, or a chiropractor to find out how frequently you should be going. I will however say that you probably won’t feel too many changes after going only once. Once you do, though, I promise you’ll know!

Good Luck, my friends!


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